Most kids love play that involves exploring the world around them, using dough to squish and mould, and paint to freely express themselves on paper and many other surfaces. Some kids live with additional needs, who may struggle with these messier experiences, particularly those with Autism who prefer to do things in a particular way.

Making Discoveries without Sensory Overwhelm

Play is essential for kids, regardless of their age or ability. It shapes how they develop and concentrate, so finding games or other materials that appeal will help them understand the world around them.

If you have a little one with a disability, you will see that they usually tend to follow the same sequence. However, most often, the developmental pace is delayed and may be restrained due to sensory overload.

When your little ones live with additional needs, you will find that they are likely to engage more comfortably in manipulative and functional play. This means that they are more likely to explore toys with touch, repetition, grabbing and pulling, etc., which is why we sell items specific to those needs.

At Mikki & Me, we stock various versatile toys that are great for children who sometimes find tactile experiences a bit overwhelming. These include:

  1. Magnetic Tiles

These beautifully colourful pieces aren’t just about the fun you can have with them. There are many reasons why these are a top choice. Their uniformity can help calm any meltdowns, with endless possibilities for engagement regardless of abilities. They are also great for helping to build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as the littlies manipulate them with their fingers and hands.

All this learning and development is happening while they are having fun. This also helps with tactile defensiveness, particularly for those with Autism.

  1. Ball Run

When littlies living with additional needs send a marble rolling down this track, they engage in cause-and-effect play, which is when their actions affect the result. This gives them a sense of control while also being exploratory, and the same step can be repeated while achieving the same result.

The rhythmic sound of the ball/marble is calming and soothing, which can help any kid unwind at the end of the day.

  1. Paint Sticks

Paint sticks are ideal for kids who don't like getting messy and get upset if they get anything on their hands. Using these sticks is just like drawing with a texta – there is no need for brushes or water, and it dries quickly on the page. Your child may be more interested in engaging in this activity if it involves clean fun and minimal mess.

These are just a few of the great products we stock that are perfect for children of all abilities. Browse our Sensory & Special Needs section online for some great products at fantastic prices.

May 17, 2021 — Liza Angerami