Do you ever have those moments where you wake up in the morning and something you have been pondering slaps you in the face with a YES or a NO!?

I always have said with decision making, the answer will come to me in the morning. More often than not it does! I always trust the answer in the morning when I am well rested and haven't made my decision implusively.

This is how I felt the morning I knew I had to seek out a natural and organic skin care range for Mikki and Me.

You see, I have been practising Beauty Therapy for nearly 12 years. I did a  Diploma in Beauty Therapy, followed 4 years later with a Bachelor in Health Science, Clinical Dermal Therapies in 2007. Since then and until now, I work for Cosmeceutical companies in training/marketing/visual merchandising etc.


So, skin, is my passion. I'm a "skin-a-holic". I love researching the newest fads and ingredients in the industry.


After running Mikki and Me ~ Baby Boutique for over 3 years, this particular morning, I had a light bulb moment. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE, THAT I HAVE SO MANY RANGES IN MY ONLINE STORE, YET NOT A SINGLE SKINCARE RANGE!?

I knew what I had to do. I needed to seek out a skincare range for babies and kids, that was free of any controversial/nasty ingredients. It had to be natural, and certified organic. It had to be affordable. It had to work.


It was then I realised, Little Innoscents was the range I had to get!


Little Innoscents is a small range of certified organic products. Non toxic, no nasties and containing beautiful blends of pure essential oils.


My hubby and I have been using the products on our girls and we are hooked! In the bath we are loving the Hair and Body wash for their all over shampoo and body wash product. The scent fills our bathroom with the smells of orange blossom, lavender and spearmint.


After we massage the girls with the non-greasy, Intensive soothing cream. The calendula and calming ingredients are perfect for Mikki who has patches of eczema. I am happy to report they have cleared up completely since using Little Innoscents!


The soothing cream is also fantastic for nappy rash and we are using the Mineral Powder when needed. I love the Mineral powder for its unique use of kaolen (Australia white clay) as a moisture absorber. All the products are suitable for cloth nappies too! Which is excellent for us cloth nappy users! 


Other products such as the massage oil, vapour balm, moisture rich body lotion and 30+ sun lotion make this range versatile to all kids (I'm even using them too!) Great for the most sensitive, allergic, reactive skins. You have the comfort of knowing the ingredients have been carefully selected with all skin types in mind.


I am so thrilled to be offering this amazing skin care range to my customers. It's pure goodness in a bottle and I am sure you will agree.


Here is a link to view the entire range on our website:


I look forward to hearing of your feedback on this new range in the coming weeks and months.


Thanks for reading,





December 15, 2013 — Liza Angerami


Emma said:

What a fabulous new range Liza! It is always brilliant to find an organic product that is good for our children’s skin. Thanks for sourcing a great product and recommended by you, a ‘skinaholic’ I know it will fab! Can’t wait to try it out! xo

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