Getting Organised for Back to School: 7 Top Tips to prevent back-to-school chaos!

Are you preparing for your child’s first school year ever? No matter your back to school needs, Mikki & Me Baby Boutique has gathered our 7 top tips to minimise that back-to-school chaos whether it is your first or fifth time round!

Read these tips below to help inspire you to get organised and create a stress-free school routine.

The night before

There is just too much to do the morning of school or kindergarten. Having lunches packed and clothes ready the night before will really take that pressure off.

Have a healthy breakfast

Teachers will agree. Making sure your child has a healthy breakfast makes sure they are ready to concentrate, learn and have fun.

Our favourite tip: bananas are truly nature’s super-food. They don’t even require glad wrap! Have some on hand in the fruit bowl for those mornings your child is running late. They are a great healthy breakfast on-the-go for both you and your little ones.

Lunchtime fun

You can make lunchtime even more fun (is this even possible?) with bold and bright lunchboxes. Our selection of colourful lunchboxes and lunch bags will make lunch time a treat! Check out our personally selected range here.

Personalise it

Lost Property. It is the arch nemesis to all of your child’s belongings. It also means labelling your child’s belongings is a must.

We love vinyl labels, they are great for a wide range of things from drink bottles to notebooks, and will be the first line of defence for avoiding (forever) lost property! We love these Vinyl Labels with their bright rainbow design.

We have a wide range of personalised products which are ideal for school. A best seller at Mikki & Me Baby Boutique is this medium sized backpack. Featuring a navy and orange star design personalised with your child’s name, it is a popular backpack for the new school year.

We have a variety of designs you can browse through on our online baby boutique to find a backpack your child will love.

No hat, no play

Making sure you are organised with hats and sunscreen before the new school year begins will ensure your child is protected against harmful UV rays. For added peace of mind, keep a spare hat and bottle of sunscreen in the car with you for those mornings it lays forgotten on the kitchen bench.

File it

It can be super simple, but having a tray or folder to keep all of your child’s important documents together in the one place is super handy and comes with the added bonus of reducing stress.

Time out  

Sticking to a stress-free school routine is much more achievable with the right frame of mind!

This is always easier said than done and looking after ourselves means something different to everyone, but it makes committing to being organised so much easier.

Getting organised for back to school and setting up routines is worth it. It takes energy and commitment which is why taking time out to even just have a cup of tea or chat with a friend on the phone is super important.  


We’d love to hear your back to school sanity tips. You can contact us personally with questions, or link up on our Facebook page here to join our Mikki & Me community.

And for all of your back to school needs? Check out our back to school goodies here.   

Best of luck with your 2015 back to school adventure!

Mikki & Me Baby Boutique Team xx


January 21, 2015 — Liza Angerami


Nadia said:

My lil man is starting prep and I’m so nervous about the morning routine! Thanks for the tips Mikki&Me! I feel a little more at ease :-)

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