It doesn’t matter HOW you celebrate Easter….you can’t escape THE CHOCOLATE!!!

It’s EVERYWHERE! But what happens if you aren’t allowed to eat it!?
If you have young ones that suffer from allergies, babies not old enough to have chocolate or you’d just rather not overload the kids with sugar, Easter Sunday can be a tough gig….

So if your Easter is going to be about better choices (and less chocolate) we have a range of alternatives and gift ideas to make sure that your child doesn’t miss out on the fun and festivities!

An Easter Treasure Hunt With A Difference!

Just because you are limiting the chocolate doesn’t mean the kids can’t go on a treasure hunt!

We’ve made it easy for you with our FREE Printable Easter Treasure Hunt signs! Simply download the file HERE or at the bottom of the page, and print! Cut each shape out and attach a paddle pop stick to create little signs you can use around the garden on Easter morning.

If you are avoiding chocolate eggs and sugary treats this year, we have some adorable trinket gifts available in our online store including little Bunny Lip-glosses, Wind Up Hopping Toys and Mini LED Bunny lights!

For added excitement, place some Bunny Footprints around the house and garden! Kids will be super excited to see the prints on the floor in their bedroom – especially when they realise that the Easter Bunny must have checked on them while they were sleeping!

(We have included some Bunny Paw Prints in our Easter Treasure Hunt Printable File for you too!)

Personalised Bunnies, Teddies & Soft Toys For Kids This Easter

Kids will love discovering a special new friend at the end of the trail!!

Mikki & Me have an extensive range of adorable bunnies, bears and soft toys just waiting for someone to love them.  Our bespoke Alimrose Designs dolls are a timeless favourite (and they make a gorgeous nursery piece for those still too little to appreciate them!)

For little ones celebrating their very First Easter, we also offer Personalised Keepsake teddies & bunnies! Choose your favourite teddy, select a design and some colours, and let us create a one of a kind soft toy that will be treasured for years to come!

More alternative Easter Gifts too sweet to say NO to!

If you like to take a more practical approach when it comes to gift giving, we have you covered!

Gorgeous Retro Bunny Night Lights, Pretty Pastel (and Monochrome!) Bunny Placemats, and Books to read together with your child mean their Easter gifts will still be loved long after the Easter eggs have been eaten!

Head to over to our dedicated EASTER GIFTS section to shop online and have your goodies sent directly to your door (no trying to secretly hide things in the trolley with the kids around!)

And don’t forget to download and print your FREE Easter Treasure Hunt for a fun filled Easter morning!

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Get organised this Christmas - and SAVE $$

Get organised this Christmas - and SAVE $$

How often do you buy Christmas gifts throughout the year, shove them in a cupboard and then completely forget about them?

Then, the closer it gets to Christmas you have a panic and go out shopping again, buy more presents, go to shove them in that same cupboard, only to find a whole heap you already purchased throughout the year that you had completely forgotten about! You then realise you have overspent and overbought.

Well, it happens to me every year and I’m sure I’m not alone! I am determined not to let that happen this year so I put together a printable which has been so great at organising who I need to buy for, gift ideas, what I have already bought, what I still need to buy and what I have spent.

I am hoping this will prevent me overspending AND over spoiling!

You see, I have 3 children and year after year I buy gifts for them and don’t take into consideration that they will also be getting gifts from Grandparents, Uncles and Auntie’s… They end up with a lounge room full of gifts (and a recycle bin full of wrapping paper!)

It makes me feel ill how much they get when I know there are so many millions less fortunate that get nothing. This year I am determined to educate my kids and encourage them to give at Christmas to those less fortunate, rather than just receive.

After all, giving is so much more fulfilling don’t you think?

Would you like a copy of the Christmas List Printable? Its FREE! All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter HERE and we will email you the PDF! Too easy!

Liza xx



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