It doesn’t matter HOW you celebrate Easter….you can’t escape THE CHOCOLATE!!!

It’s EVERYWHERE! But what happens if you aren’t allowed to eat it!?
If you have young ones that suffer from allergies, babies not old enough to have chocolate or you’d just rather not overload the kids with sugar, Easter Sunday can be a tough gig….

So if your Easter is going to be about better choices (and less chocolate) we have a range of alternatives and gift ideas to make sure that your child doesn’t miss out on the fun and festivities!

An Easter Treasure Hunt With A Difference!

Just because you are limiting the chocolate doesn’t mean the kids can’t go on a treasure hunt!

We’ve made it easy for you with our FREE Printable Easter Treasure Hunt signs! Simply download the file HERE or at the bottom of the page, and print! Cut each shape out and attach a paddle pop stick to create little signs you can use around the garden on Easter morning.

If you are avoiding chocolate eggs and sugary treats this year, we have some adorable trinket gifts available in our online store including little Bunny Lip-glosses, Wind Up Hopping Toys and Mini LED Bunny lights!

For added excitement, place some Bunny Footprints around the house and garden! Kids will be super excited to see the prints on the floor in their bedroom – especially when they realise that the Easter Bunny must have checked on them while they were sleeping!

(We have included some Bunny Paw Prints in our Easter Treasure Hunt Printable File for you too!)

Personalised Bunnies, Teddies & Soft Toys For Kids This Easter

Kids will love discovering a special new friend at the end of the trail!!

Mikki & Me have an extensive range of adorable bunnies, bears and soft toys just waiting for someone to love them.  Our bespoke Alimrose Designs dolls are a timeless favourite (and they make a gorgeous nursery piece for those still too little to appreciate them!)

For little ones celebrating their very First Easter, we also offer Personalised Keepsake teddies & bunnies! Choose your favourite teddy, select a design and some colours, and let us create a one of a kind soft toy that will be treasured for years to come!

More alternative Easter Gifts too sweet to say NO to!

If you like to take a more practical approach when it comes to gift giving, we have you covered!

Gorgeous Retro Bunny Night Lights, Pretty Pastel (and Monochrome!) Bunny Placemats, and Books to read together with your child mean their Easter gifts will still be loved long after the Easter eggs have been eaten!

Head to over to our dedicated EASTER GIFTS section to shop online and have your goodies sent directly to your door (no trying to secretly hide things in the trolley with the kids around!)

And don’t forget to download and print your FREE Easter Treasure Hunt for a fun filled Easter morning!

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Top 5 Newborn Gifts

For those new to the site, the Mikki and Me Kids gorgeous online store features gifts and products that are:

  • Practical;
  • Affordable;
  • Adorable

 When you’re browsing through the Mikki and Me Kids you are looking at quality products which are tried and tested by a real family; just like yours.

 Many new customers coming onto the site are looking to find something for their newborn bub or for an upcoming baby shower gift, so we decided it was time to gather our list of Top 5 gifts for newborns in one easy-to-share post!

 Baby Book

 Our Baby Book is gender neutral, meaning it is ideal for a baby shower or birth arrival, especially in instances when the gender of the unborn bub is a surprise! The Baby Book is the perfect gift to document all the milestones and special moments experienced with a new born baby. Record moments with ease on the featured Enviroboard paper. 

While we love Facebook as much as the next parent, there is something incredibly rewarding about holding this baby book between two hands and recording your moments within this A4 spiral bound baby book. You can treasure these for years to come.

Those with toddlers will agree it feels like a lifetime ago that your two year old was just born, so having a book which can take you on a trip down memory lane is priceless! See for yourself here

 Personalised Cubbies

 You can’t go past our personalised cubbies… They are thoughtful newborn baby gifts.  We are constantly receiving orders for these bespoke baby gifts and they are always received with delight!

 With so many to choose from, we can barely choose a favourite Personalised Cubbie. Cubbies are personalised with embroidery with your chosen colours, font and message. Browse the entire range online today. 

 OB Designs Baby Blankets

 Mikki and Me Baby Kids stock practical, affordable and adorable gifts – and the OB Designs Baby Blankets are no exception! Bestsellers from day one, these blankets make a cute gift that is not only a pleasure to look at, but soft and snuggly too. Those receiving them as a gift for their baby will be elated. There are a variety of designs to choose from, so you can find a style to suit. Why not bring a soft touch to a bedroom décor with the gorgeous Sky Ripple baby blanket by OB Designs. 

 Marquee Lights

 You’ll find our collection of Marquee Lights to be that perfect finishing touch on your newborn babies’ room. Our range of Marquee Letter Lights and Marquee Shaped Lights can be hung on a wall, or stood upright depending on the look you’d like to achieve.

 The letter lights are available in letters A – Z. 

Why not spell out your new bubs name, or perhaps words which make a statement such as: L-O-V-E or B-A-B-Y.

 If you have a unique light décor idea, don’t keep it to yourself, share it with our Facebook community, we’d love to hear from you!  

Personalised Pillows

 We believe there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’, especially when it comes to a name! It’s why Mikki and Me stock a wide variety of personalised products, including our Personalised Pillows. Our range of pillows can be personalised with your name of choice and complements the OB Design Baby Blanket’s perfectly. 



We love seeing our customers happy with their new gifts! Why not share your pictures with our gorgeous Facebook community. Simply like us to stay in touch, see the latest products and by inspired by the latest in Australian baby boutique products. 

Mikki and Me Team xx

P.S. This list is like the baby shower equivalent of your 2016 Christmas wish list being pinned to the fridge door but perfectly tailored for those in charge of throwing a baby shower! Why not share the not-so-subtle hint with your friends and family with the simple social share buttons?






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Crochet: Then and Now

Crochet is a process of creating a fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread or strands of other materials using a crochet hook. You may have fond memories of being taught to crochet while growing up by a talented grandmother or aunt, whose skill in knitting and crocheting was the envy of the entire family. But crochet has its origins from bygone eras.  Some sources suggest this age-old craft was first introduced in the 19th century, however it has probably been around for even longer but not recorded in literature, perhaps more likely being taught within inner sanctums passing the craft down within generations or being specifically taught instead of skills being shared within various forms of media like today.

Fast forward to today; crochet is an incredibly popular textile in homewares, linen and pillows. For those who are avid fans of crochet there is myriad blogs and magazines dedicated to the gorgeous art of crochet. Social media has made the sharing of patterns easier than ever before. You can learn to crochet with online tutorials and blogs creating online communities within the comfort of your own home! When you crochet, you work the yarn, thread or other material strands and form a nice, smooth chain.

It is great to crochet and listen to music, catch up on recorded shows on the bus or train or even just to sit in blissful silence to unwind at the end of the day! Crochet is seeing a true resurgence of late; with many people learning to crochet alongside more traditional knitting. While some argue that patterns are simpler now than they were (after all society moves along a faster pace than the 19th century), there are many groups in many cities around the world who honour the art of crochet and invest many months to create a complex piece from scratch. The options of things you can create with crochet are endless. You can craft pillows, blankets, hats, homewares, gifts and baby clothes. There is a mixture of complex patterns and the more simple patterns ideal for beginners.

It is truly versatile textile and pieces feel cosy and instilled with love and care due to the history of this textile creation. Crochet pieces are great for adding that special finishing touch to a space, whether it be in your child’s bedroom or living room. There may be nothing more comforting than curling up during the cooler months of Melbourne, tucked in warm and snug with a crocheted blanket and a warm cup of tea or glass of red! If you can’t tell, we are quite a fan of crochet becoming more popular! Always a fan of a highly skilled textile creation, we have sourced these gorgeous blankets for Mikki & Me, just in time for winter.

The crochet blankets we offer are super soft, hand crochet 100cm x 100cm blanket. They make a great gift for those friends with a newborn and adds a gorgeous, inviting feel to a child’s bedroom décor. Made from 60% cotton, 30% azlon (milk fibre) and 10% cashmere, the Ripple Blanket from Mikki & Me Baby Boutique are soft to the touch and super cosy.

We have lots to choose from, including the Rainbow Ripple Blanket, a hand crochet blanket in fun, bright rainbow colours sure to brighten the dreariest of winter days! If you are looking for something a little more muted? We have the Black and White Ripple Blanket and the Blujay Ripple Blanket too. It is pretty hard to narrow down which ones we should offer online, so we got them all! You can see the full range of crochet goodies here. They have been really popular as gifts for those friends with newborns, but also make a lovely addition to your child’s bedroom too.  

It is amazing to think of an art which started hundreds of years ago is still in our lives today. What is your history with crochet? Can you crochet? Share with us below in the comments, we’d love to hear from you. 

Stay warm and cosy,

Mikki & Me Team xx




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