With your personalised acrylic family planner on display, everyone will be on the same page – literally.
  • Personalised to Suit Your Family

  • SHE-Com Product Award Finalist 2023

  • Custom Made Within 3 Business Days in Australia


Families are now busier than ever before.

Appointments. Birthday parties. Kid’s sport. Make lunches. Book week. Playdates. Family events. Friends over. Library day. Clean the house. Mother’s group. Music lessons. Parent-teacher meetings. Scrub the shower.

Trying to juggle it all feels like this:

What You're Currently Doing Doesn't Work

  •  Too many things to remember.
  •  Post it notes fall off and get lost.
  •  Invitations on the fridge get hidden.
  •  Calendars are too small.
  •  Phone apps never get looked at.

5 Star Reviews

“So helpful!!
The monthly planner has helped me to organise and remember everything. I was trying to remember everything on bits of paper, my phone and in my head. It was terrible and stressing me out. Having a beautiful planner up on the wall, which my husband can see and help out with too, has helped a lot. I feel less overwhelmed and burnt out".


"Looks great!
We love it so much. We received an early design of this acrylic wall planner to try out, and we love it. It has a great design, letting us capture all the important dates and things we need to remember. But the family photo feature makes it feel personal for our little family".

Verity M

Meet the Wall Planner

  • Personalisation

    Customise all parts of the family wall planner. The background, family name, names of each individual family members and the “what’s up next” section can be personalised.

  • Durable

    Made in Australia using scratch resistant acrylic, with the personalised design printed on the rear side. This means the front can be written on and wiped off without ever worrying about damaging the print.

  • Quick Install | No Drilling

    Each planner comes with large 3M Velcro adhesive strips, which allows it to be mounted to any wall without the need to drill holes. Simply peel off the backing sheets, line up the tabs and it’ll be on the wall in next to no time.

  • $50 of Free Bonuses

    Bonus 1 - Includes FREE bulk shipping (valued at $35) 

    Bonus 2 - includes FREE 3M adhesive strips to easily mount to any wall. No drilling required. Won't damage your walls (valued at $9.95) 

    Bonus 3 - includes FREE black chalk pen (valued at $5.95)

  • Up to 8 Family Members

    The sizing will chnage to suit the number of people you select. 

Watch it in Action

Other Planners

  • No personalisation or it's an additional cost for stickers that scratch and peel-off.
  • Long lead time for personalisation.
  • Boring black or white background.
  • One generic size.
  • Design printed on front which discolours and scratches over time.
  • Coloured markers and cleaning damage front printed design over time.
  • No dedicated space for family members.

Mikki & Me Planner

  • Personalised for your family with printed names at no extra cost!
  • Custom made within 3 business days in Australia.
  • Stunning background image of your family (or choose from the curated gallery).
  • Customise the size to fit your family.
  • High quality image with rear printed image.
  • Wipe and re-use without ever damaging the print.
  • Dedicated line for each family member.

How it Works

  • STEP 1

    Input names of family members and section titles. Popular options are "The Smith Family", "The Month Of:" or "What's On This Month?"
  • STEP 2

    Upload a photo or select an image from our library (choose from our curated library of destination beaches, mountains and more).
  • STEP 3

    Your planner is printed in high quality in our specialised facility within 3 days.
  • STEP 4

    Your planner is then packaged in protective packaging, and sent via Australia Post to you.

Meet Mikki & Me

Hey, I’m Michelle, the face behind Mikki & Me. 

With my husband Tim, we are passionate about empowering families like ours to embrace structure and step off the hamster wheel … it’s exhausting, right?!

Both with corporate careers and as parents to our little loves, we have been knee-deep in the trenches of managing far too many balls in the air. 

When many a ball was dropped, we realised that something had to give. 

We needed to take control of our days before they took control of us.

A familiar story that we hear from our thousands of customers. 

We needed something to help the whole family stay organised. 

But we couldn’t find anything to help us do that. 

So we made it ourselves.

Something that could be personalised just for our family, with space for everyone and everything.

But something that looked great so it could be proudly displayed for everyone to see it all the time. Not lost in the pantry. 

The family wall planner. 

Customised with every family member’s name and a stunning family photo as the background (or choose from our curated library of destination beaches, mountains and more). 

No more “oh s*%$ I forgot”. 

No more “you never told me that”.

No more “why didn't you remind me”. 

No more “I thought you were doing that”. 

It’s all on the planner. Every person and every date has a space. Nice and clear.


How do I attach it to the wall? Can I use this in a rental?

Your wall planner will include 3M adhesive strips so there's no drilling required. The 3M strips can be removed without damaging the wall.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Bulky shipping is included at no extra cost. Your planner will be packaged in bubble wrap and a protective box, and sent via Australia post to you.

How do I customise it?

Simply input all of your family's details, choose a heading and upload your own photo or choose from the gallery. 

How long does it take to make?

All of our planners are made to order within Australia inside of 3 business days.

What image can I use?

Any photo taken by a phone, camera or professionally should be high enough quality to use. If your image is not suitable, a warning message will appear.

What is it made of?

Our family wal planners are made from durable and transparent acrylic, with the print applied to the rear along with a special primer to ensure the print lasts a lifetime.

Can the wall planner be used with any type of marker?

Any non-permanent marker will work. We recommend using liquid chalk, it dries instantly so no need to worry about smudges, but will come off easily with a damp cloth.

How do I clean and maintain the acrylic surface?

Use a soft, damp cloth and avoid abrasive materials and chemicals to prevent scratches.

What are the dimensions of the wall planner?

·         2 people - 80 cm wide x 34 cm tall

·         3 people - 80 cm wide x 43 cm tall

·         4 people - 80 cm wide x 55 cm tall

·         5 people - 80 cm wide x 65 cm tall

·         6 people - 80 cm wide x 75 cm tall

·         7 people - 80 cm wide x 84 cm tall

·         8 people - 80 cm wide x 93 cm tall

·         Calendar - 68 cm wide x 54 cm tall

What happens if my planner arrives damaged or with an error?

Please make sure you have spelled all names correctly. If we have made an error or the planner arrives with major damage, we will replace it for free.