Aroma Jewell

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      • 5 in 1 multi-functions
      • Unique hand crafted glass cover
      • Operates up to 10hrs low intermittent mist mode
      • Operates up to 4 hrs low continuous mist mode
      • 110ml Water Capacity
      • Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology
      • No heat source used
      • Auto switch off on low water level
      • Mist and lamp controlled independently
      • Can operate with no light, ideal for sleeping
      • Product size 128mm x 228mm
      • Mist dispersion covers 25-30 sq/m
      • Voltage 24V, power 12W, operates 2.4 million Htz/sec

A Jewel is a precious and treasured stone and quite often unique in its appearance. The Aroma-Jewel’s quality glass outer cover features incredible swirls of gold, turquoise and sea green, a feature on its own! When illuminated by the colour changing lights, it transforms into a magnificent visual experience. Adorn your home with the Aroma-Jewel, a luxurious & timeless piece to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.



1st press: Warm Light Breathing

2nd press: Brightness Fixed

3rd press: Cool Light Breathing

4th press: Brightness Fixed

5th press: LED OFF


When LED is OFF

  • Press and hold the light button for 1.5 seconds,to turn ‘on’ the colour changing light.
  • Short press to fix the colour
  • Short press again to turn off the light.

Please note: Due to the intricate process involved in creating each individual glass cover, there will be variances in the patterns/colours of your glass cover, making this ‘limited edition’ ultrasonic diffuser uniquely yours. 

Type: Aroma O'mm

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