Claytastic Complete Starter Pack


Includes 24 x 50g tubs of clay,

Claytastic moulding tools 

Claytastic Step by Step Guide Book

Claytastic is a revolutionary new super light clay that can be modelled into anything your imagination can muster. It is pliable and easy to work with and once set it will last forever.

 Fun Learning with Claytastic


Claytastic will inspire your childrens practical and creative interest, building their self-confidence.


It enables them to create whatever they can imagine offering a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Staying interested is the driving force in helping children learn.


When kids are interested in what they are doing, they will concentrate on it and therefore improve their imagine and creativity.


Having so many colours to choose from and the ability to create many more will enhance your childrens colour selection and recognition


Claytastic promotes co-ordination development between the hands, eyes and brain.


Product Information


Keep sealed when not in use, once dried the clay can no longer be used


Claytastic air dries, so no need for baking.


Once you have completed your creation, leave in a dry and cool environment.  Do not place in direct sunlight. 


Claytastic usually dries within 24 hours


If Claytastic becomes stuck in clothes, carpet or furniture, either clean with a brush or remove once dry.


Adult supervision is recommended when using Claytastic.


Ensure to wash your hands after use.


Claytastic is Non Toxic and Environmentally friendly.


Type: Claytastic

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