Girls Vinyl Labels Sticky Multi-Bundle - Unicorn

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Add style to your child's belongings using our pretty Unicorn Labels!

Perfect for labeling all your child's school and home belongings. Our range of labels were designed with durability in mind. To prevent any labels from peeling we have added round corners to all our labels. They are also designed to withstand the wrath of the common kitchen dishwasher and microwave so they are ideal to use on school lunch boxes and drink bottles as well as stationery items.

Avoid shoe mix-ups and random clothing items ending up in the lost and found.

Limit the number of missing school books and pencils too. Our range of multi-purpose vinyl personalised label packs ensure that nothing gets misplaced ever again!

* 48x Mighty Labels - 75mmW x 20mmH
* 64x Essentials Labels - 50mmW x 18mmH 
* 64x Identification Dots  

Type: Name Labels

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