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OASIS Stainless Steel Insulated Drink Bottle - Monsters 500ml


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Oasis Drink Bottles from Australia’s Favourite Kids Store

Prepping snacks, meals and drinks ahead of time is all part of being a parent. So is getting them ready for their daycare and school routines.

Setting your little ones up for lunchtime success can be as simple as packing an insulated water bottle to keep your kids hydrated and happy on the go. Invest in a quality water bottle that your child can take with them as they grow.

Oasis Insulated Water Bottles: Features

If you’re looking to buy an insulated water bottle that your little ones can carry with them at home and on the go, look for the following features to confirm the quality, safety and durability of your choice before you buy.

  • Material: If you’re looking for a durable solution, consider investing in an Oasis Stainless Steel drink bottle that will withstand bumps, jumps and backpack jostles. BPA free and painted with non-toxic paint, the materials used to make Oasis bottles are safe for both you and the kids.
  • Size: Little people with little bags may need a smaller drink bottle to carry with them on the go. With a 500mL capacity, Oasis bottles can be a great refillable option for your children, regardless of their age.
  • Accessibility: Make sure your family members take advantage of their drinks on-hand by ensuring they can open and access their bottle on the go.
  • Washability: Made from stainless steel, insulated water bottles are easy-to-wash solutions that can store both hot and cold drinks. To keep your bottle safe from bacteria and cross-contamination, thoroughly wash your bottle between each use.

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Catered to all seasons and drinks hot and cold, consider an insulated water bottle to help set your kids up for lunchtime success. With fun colours and patterns that can reflect your little one’s unique personality, let your little ones express their creativity by letting them choose an Oasis bottle design.

To find out some of our Mikki and Me favourites, check out our blog to read about packing a child-friendly lunch, arming your little ones with the right supplies, and keeping them happy and healthy when on the go.

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