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Lunch Punch Fork and Spoon Set
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Stix by Lunch Punch
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Rainbow (Set of 7)Blue (Set of 4)Yellow (Set of 4)Pink (Set of 7)+ 1 more

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Transform everyday lunches into a festival of fun and creativity with our LunchPunch Sandwich Cutters, Food Skewer Stix, and Wrap Bands collection! Designed to delight and inspire, our range is perfect for parents and kids who want to make mealtime more than just a routine.

Our LunchPunch Sandwich Cutters are the stars of the show, turning ordinary sandwiches into adorable, kid-friendly shapes. From enchanting fairy princesses to cool dinosaurs, these easy-to-use cutters not only make meals visually appealing but also encourage picky eaters to try new things. Made with durable, BPA-free materials, they’re safe and long-lasting.

Complementing the cutters are our playful Food Skewer Stix. These skewers add a touch of whimsy to fruits, cheese, and other snacks, making them irresistible to little ones. They’re perfect for promoting healthy eating and making snack time exciting.

No lunch set is complete without our versatile Wrap Bands. These handy bands keep wraps and rolled sandwiches perfectly intact, ensuring they stay fresh and appetizing until it's time to eat. Their fun designs and colors coordinate beautifully with the cutters and skewers, creating a lunchtime ensemble that's as stylish as it is functional.

Elevate the lunchbox experience with our collection of LunchPunch products – because every meal should be an opportunity for joy, creativity, and tasty adventures.