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OmieBox V2 Hot & Cold Lunchbox
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OmieBox UP Hot & Cold Bento Lunchbox
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Back to School with Kids’ Insulated Food Jars

Whether they’re just starting school or are heading to high school, help your children stay focused throughout the day with a warm lunch packed in an insulated food jar. Keeping cold foods cold and hot foods hot to keep your kids snacking and safe when on the go, our range of portable lunchtime options has never been easier to choose from.

Our collection features high-quality, durable, and reliable food jars that are specifically crafted to keep meals warm and fresh for extended periods. With their superior insulation technology, these food jars ensure that your child's lunch remains at the perfect temperature until lunchtime, allowing them to enjoy a comforting and nutritious meal. Explore our selection of Montiico and insulated food jars, and make lunchtime a delightful and satisfying experience for your little learners.

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Insulated Lunch Bags and Jars

If you want to give your little ones the best chance of tucking in each and every day, consider packing some of their favourite snacks and lunches so they can stay energised when on the go.

From portable food jars with matching utensils to flasks made from stainless steel, consider the needs of your kids and family to make sure you pick a suiting choice.

  • Washable: Whichever material your food jar is made from, making sure that it’s easily washable in the dishwasher or by hand can help you pack up for lunch incredibly fast.
  • BPA Free: If you opt for a food container that has plastic parts, make sure that each piece is BPA free. A potentially harmful chemical common in some plastic objects, you want to keep your kids food free from BPA whether their dish is hot or cold.
  • Utensils: If you’re sending your kids off with snacks that require a fork or spoon, consider a matching utensil that snaps or packs right onto the food jar. Minimising the risk of lost parts and setting your kid up for lunchtime success, matching jar and utensil sets make eating a breeze.
  • Size: From kinder-sized snacks to bigger kids with hungrier lunchtime needs, consider how much food you will be packing away and make sure to pick a jar of appropriate size for small bags and bellies.

If you want to read further reviews about our favourite food jars, check out our blog with some staff favourites and family picks today.