Putting the fun back into functionality

Psst … you know that feeling when you declutter that overflowing cupboard and then re-organise it in a way that creates flow and functionality?

It feels incredible, right? And it ignites a much-needed spark to implement that very same flow throughout other areas of your home.
Well, guess what? That cluttered cupboard is the same as your brain, packed to the brim with the comings and goings of an entire household … eek … time to re-evaluate how you manage everything so that your mind is present for the meaningful things in life. Instead of remembering that thing you need to do tomorrow.

Reclaim your time • Restore calm • Ditch the overwhelm •

Hey, I’m Michelle, the face behind Mikki & Me.

With my husband Tim, we are passionate about empowering families like ours to embrace structure and step off the perpetual hamster wheel … it’s exhausting, right?!

Both with corporate careers and as parents to our little loves, we have been knee-deep in the trenches of managing far too many balls in the air.

When many a ball was dropped, we realised that something had to give, and we needed to take control of our days before they took control of us… an oh-so-familiar story that we hear from many of our thousands of customers.

We needed something to help the whole family stay organised. But we couldn’t find anything to help us do that. So we made it ourselves.

Mikki & Me Collections

Mikki & Me offers a collection of thoughtfully designed, high quality and durable mealtime and organisational products and school essentials, all made to include children in the planning, prepping and delegating so that they understand the family dynamics rather than simply being little passengers.

Not only does this help children with confidence and self-esteem, but this independence and understanding of a thriving functional family is also a valuable gift that will help them throughout all areas of life. Win-Win!

We all know that precious family time is fleeting. Tim and I are passionate about arming families with everyday tools to tame the never-ending to-do lists and embrace the moments that really matter. The moments that create core memories, the moments of spontaneity and the moments that leave an imprint on your heart.

These are the moments that deserve more of our time, right?!

We are here to celebrate the ebbs and flows of family life by welcoming in structure, balance and a healthy dose of organisation.

Welcome to the Mikki & Me community, we are grateful to have you here, and Tim and I look forward to helping you jiggle the juggle and create a happy, healthy home.

Love Michelle xx