Make learning fun with personalised wooden name puzzles

It’s such a special milestone when your little one starts to recognise their name. With a personalised wooden name puzzle from Mikki & Me, this experience for the tiny tots becomes a lot more fun and rewarding.

Our high-quality version of this timeless toy is a fantastic way to teach your child to recognise their name and, at the same time, hone fine motor skills and distinguish between colours and shapes.

Your toddler might not understand that they are improving their skills, but they will feel oh-so loved when they receive a unique custom keepsake with their name. This will make their smiles wider and your heart happier.

Buy exclusive name puzzles, made just for you

Exciting and easy to use, all our products are individually hand-crafted with the best quality wood. These are gifts your child will cherish. When your child has outgrown the toy, use it as a name plaque and display it on a shelf in their bedroom.

Choose from the suggested combinations, or feel free to pick your colours from the colour chart. We recommend picking up three favourite colours your little one loves. A rainbow is always a good option for either girls or boys.

All our products are safe for children as they are sprayed with non-toxic and lead-free paints. The letters are 7cm tall, made with MDF and are only available in upper case. The total width of the jigsaw is 14 cm, and the length will vary depending on the recipient’s name. Each letter has a small white easy grip peg attached, making it convenient for your little one to remove the letters and put them back in.

Start your little one’s learning today

Looking for the perfect blend of beautifully designed and practical jigsaws made of the finest quality? Mikki & Me is your one-stop shop to make education more fun and enjoyable.

Grab your wooden name jigsaws today. We deliver all over Australia and New Zealand and offer free shipping on all orders over $149.

*Please allow up to 4 weeks for manufacturing of your puzzle PLUS delivery time*