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Wolf Gang Designs Kids Backpack
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Born to SparkleFlorassic ParkOther Fish in the SeaTails of the Sea+ 1 more

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MontiiCo Backpack
$56.95 AUD $69.95 Sale
Rainbow RollerSharksGame OnGalacticMidnightConfettiAuroraNovaBlossom LeopardDinosaur Land+ 7 more

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Back to School with Kids’ Backpacks

If you're ready to send your littlest ones off to daycare or school, look to our extensive range of backpacks that will have your kids packed for adventure and ready to go.

From tiny tots to school-aged children, every bag in our collection has been carefully selected for durability, longevity, washability and child-safe designs. An official retailer for the best brands including Sachi, Montii,, Skip Hop, school bags are a fun and functional gift to make your little ones feel grown up and on the go.

Speak with one of our friendly team members today or check out our blog to get our best recommendations for child-friendly uses and designs.

School Bags for Kids and Toddlers: Get Classroom and Daycare Ready

Looking for the right sized bag for your kids? Fear not – we’ve accommodated our school bag selection to meet the needs of all children, regardless of age and ability. Knowing that your tots may want to be more independent as they grow, we have catered for bags that can allow your little ones to help pack up and get out the door without the help of bigger hands.

Accessible and easy to use when away from home, our favourite brands can grow with your child and help them feel like they’re doing it on their own.

Concerned about durability? Each of our brands have been tested for longevity, so the likelihood of your kids growing up and out of their bag before it breaks down is high. We appreciate the fun-loving and tough playing nature of many kids, and always look for brands and products that can stand more than a little wear and tear.

From school books to lunch boxes, playground time and the car boot, each backpack in our extensive range can stand up to your kids’ use. Need a recommendation on size, colour or fit? Our blog explores our favourite brands to help first-time buyers select a kid-friendly option that’s as functional as it is cute.

Get your kids ready to be back to school cool – our team is here to help them ready, set, grow.