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Lunchtime Special: Kids’ Bento Boxes

Need a fun way to keep your little ones interested in snacks? We know that sending your kids away with food and expecting them to eat it during meal times can be an ongoing battle. With unique shapes and sizes to compartmentalise different snack and lunch items every day of the week, your kids can be prepped and ready to eat on the go.

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Want them to help? With child-safe locking mechanisms and cutlery, your little ones can help pick out their favourite meal time options and pack them away. By helping to choose what they snack on each day, and know what’s coming in a fun and colourful packed box, Bento Boxes can help empower your kids to tuck in at every meal.

Need to keep the dry goods dry and cold foods cold? Each design can be chopped and changed with snap-locking lids to make sure the inside of your kids’ box doesn’t get too messy. Compact and stackable, the Little Lunch Box Co and lunch boxes are easy to slide into backpacks and fridges, keeping foods fresh, safe and ready at hand.

Bento Boxes Lunches on the Go

Picky eaters? We know that some of our little ones have just as few favourite foods and prefer to keep their favourite snacks sorted. If you want to give your kids the best chance of diving into the nutritious goodies you pack each day, these essentials can help even the pickiest eaters keep their snacks organised and ready to eat.

With interchangeable compartments, lids and a kid-friendly fork and spoon ready to dive into whatever you throw their way, a Bento Box can chop and change shape every day to keep snack time fun. A colourful and safe way to pack food on the go, check out the range available through our website to set up for snack-time success.

Shipping Australia wide from our headquarters in Victoria, the Mikki & Me team know the importance of keeping small bellies full. Easy to wipe clean and tested for durability, keep your tiny ones energised and on the go with our colourful collection options.