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Chocolate Construction T Rex Chocolate Mould

The world's first notched, chocolate-building mould! Melt, fill, excavate, and build your own edible, 6-inch tall, chocolate T-Rex!
The wonderfully-wild combination of a building toy and a confectionery tool, Chocolate Construction is a patent-pending, durable yet stylized silicone mold featuring nine cavities for the various bones which will make up your chocolate T-Rex.
Each piece is "notched" with a rectangular slot - when these notches are connected to their matching slots, your vicious and delicious T-Rex will be born!
For ease of construction, beside each notch in the mould is a raised number which corresponds to a second notch with the same number. And so building your T-Rex is as simple as matching the numbers - which makes it dangerously easy to give rise to a whole herd of chocolaty beasts!
The mould is made from food-safe silicone, and can be used again, and again, and again!

Welcome to our Kids Range!

Mikki & Me offers functional, affordable family fun gifts for newborns, toddlers and children of all ages. From plush toys to school supplies, lunch bags & boxes, bento boxes, kid-friendly dinnerware sets, money boxes, bedroom decor and more, our online collection of bespoke children’s products are offered from our family to your home.

Founded in 2010, Mikki & Me creator and Australian mum Liza Angerami curated some of the best children’s toys, gifts and learning playthings to showcase the products she discovered when looking for safe and loveable pieces for her kids.

Knowing that everything we give our children must be safe and tonnes of fun, every item has been tested by our family to ensure it’s of the highest quality and durability standards. Catering to every age group and ability, we have become one of Australia’s favourite online stores for unique and on trend children’s products. We can’t wait to light up the faces of your smallest ones at home.

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Australia’s Boutique Online Kids Gift Collection

Just because little people are, well, little, doesn’t mean that their playthings, school supplies, treats or holiday surprises should be any less meaningful or thought through. By selecting every item available in our collection before offering these to our online community, we are committing to the exceptional quality and specialness of every item.

Whether you’re looking to keep your smallest family members entertained in the bath or learning on the go, trust us to help you find the perfect gesture. Small in size but big on the wow factor, your purchase is sure to become a milestone moment in your family home.

Striving to offer a seamless shopping experience with every Mikki & Me purchase, our team is happy to provide you with customer service every step of the way to take the stress out of holiday and gift-giving shopping. Need a recommendation? Check out our blog for some of our favourite presents for every age and celebration.

From our family to yours,
the Mikki & Me team xx