Organise your life and calm the chaos in a matter of minutes. Reduce the overwhelm of remembering the shopping list, birthday parties, cleaning schedules, library days and everything else in between. 

We understand first hand that family life can be hectic, and that's why our magnetic fridge planners are proving to be so popular. They are an affordable and effective way to keep your family organised and on track. Whether you're a busy parent or a working professional, our magnetic planners are the perfect solution for you.

Our magnetic fridge planners are made in Australia and have been designed to be sleek, stylish and functional to allow you to quickly and easily plan out your week, month, meal planning, tasks and shopping lists from the heart of your home - the fridge. 

Designed with versatility in mind, these magnetic planners adhere effortlessly to your refrigerator or any magnetic surface (including washing machines), ensuring easy access to your plans at all times. Stay on top of your busy life with a planner for all of life's needs in neutral tones.