As a parent to two little kids, I'm constantly juggling morning routines and looking for ways to simplify our days. That’s where the OmieBox comes in—a lunchbox that keeps food warm and offers the convenience every parent needs. Today, I'm excited to share a super simple yet delicious recipe that your kids will love: two-minute noodles in an OmieBox, ensuring they enjoy a warm, tasty lunch at school.

Why OmieBox?

The OmieBox isn’t your average lunchbox. It has a thermal compartment that keeps food warm, making it possible to send hot meals to school that stay hot. It’s perfect for those days when your child needs a cozy meal to keep them going.

How to Whip Up Quick Two-Minute Noodles in an OmieBox

  1. Heat up the Thermos: Boil the kettle and then fill the thermos with boiling water. Put the lid on and let it sit for 10 minutes. Pour the water out just before you add your cooked noodles in.
  2. Cook the Noodles: Boil your favourite instant noodles as per the packet’s instructions—this can easily be done during your morning rush. It’s quick and practically takes care of itself.

  3. Boost the Nutrition: Toss in some chopped veggies like carrots, peas, and bell peppers into the boiling water. This not only cooks the veggies perfectly but also bumps up the health factor of your noodles.

  4. Make It Fun: Use cookie cutters to shape the veggies or top off the noodles with a boiled egg for an added protein punch. Little tweaks like these make the lunchbox come back home empty!

  5. Pack It Up: Drain the noodles and veggies, then pop them into the OmieBox’s insulated compartment. This feature will keep the meal warm until it’s time to eat.

  6. Round It Out: Fill the other compartments with some fruits, a small treat, or a dip to balance out the meal with a variety of flavors and textures.

Why Warm Lunches Work Wonders

A warm lunch is like a hug from home, especially on a chilly day. It’s inviting and can help encourage kids to eat up, ensuring they get the nutrients they need to power through the day. Plus, warm, quick-to-eat meals are perfect for those shorter lunch breaks at school.

Get the Kids Involved

Involving your kids in the lunch-making process can spark their interest in what they eat. Try setting aside some time on the weekend to experiment with different quick recipes for the OmieBox. Let your kids pick their favorites to include in the week’s lunch menu—it’s a fun way to make them look forward to lunchtime!

Wrapping It Up

The OmieBox is more than just a lunchbox—it’s a game changer for making sure your kids enjoy their meals just as they should: warm, delicious, and full of love. With easy recipes like these two-minute noodles, you’ll not only save time but also send your kids off with a meal they’re excited to open. Dive into the world of OmieBox and make school lunches something your kids can’t wait to dig into!


April 20, 2024 — Michelle Leach