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Imaginative play toys your kids will love

Nothing promotes brain development in your tiny tot more than imaginative play. Children love to engage in role-plays and manifest their imaginations. They love to mimic, pretend to be grown-up and even copy their parents. At Mikki & Me, you will find the perfect inspiration to take your little one on an adventure of becoming a chef, astronaut, dinosaur, princess, engineer or even a doctor, just to name a few.

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Discover and immerse your children in a fantasy world where they revel in their make-believe friendships, watch them interact with the characters like their peers and build a reserve of everlasting memories.

The best imaginative toys for toddlers in Australia

Children all around the world love to pretend to be something else for when they grow up. Sit back, listen, and watch your children role-play or, better, join them. Having Mummy and Daddy come to shop at their little store will make them the happiest. You will be amazed at how focused and engrossed they are in their incredible pretend scenarios.

We have a comprehensive range of pretend toys that make this experience perfect for you and your munchkin. Everything from wooden animals, fishes, dinosaurs, adventure and safari sets to wooden toolboxes, laundry sets, fire engines and tea-party sets – we’ve got Australia’s best collection of pretend toys that your mini-human will love.

Check out our best-sellers – Honeybake Star Beauty set, a stunning cosmetic bag with an assortment of wooden beauty accessories; and Djeco’s Fox’s Tea Party Set, a beautifully themed red and blue solid wood tea set with a wooden cake and candles.

Le Toy Van’s Toolbox for the young engineering minds and Tender Leaf Toys’ Safari Adventure Set for the thrill-seekers are also selling fast. Grab yours today.

Buy the ultimate range of imaginative game sets

Fulfil your child’s wish to be a grown-up just like you. Captivate your little ones in creative, imaginative play with our unique toys. We are shipping all over Australia and New Zealand, with an offer of free shipping on all orders over $149.