Crochet is a process of creating a fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread or strands of other materials using a crochet hook. You may have fond memories of being taught to crochet while growing up by a talented grandmother or aunt, whose skill in knitting and crocheting was the envy of the entire family. But crochet has its origins from bygone eras.  Some sources suggest this age-old craft was first introduced in the 19th century, however it has probably been around for even longer but not recorded in literature, perhaps more likely being taught within inner sanctums passing the craft down within generations or being specifically taught instead of skills being shared within various forms of media like today.

Fast forward to today; crochet is an incredibly popular textile in homewares, linen and pillows. For those who are avid fans of crochet there is myriad blogs and magazines dedicated to the gorgeous art of crochet. Social media has made the sharing of patterns easier than ever before. You can learn to crochet with online tutorials and blogs creating online communities within the comfort of your own home! When you crochet, you work the yarn, thread or other material strands and form a nice, smooth chain.

It is great to crochet and listen to music, catch up on recorded shows on the bus or train or even just to sit in blissful silence to unwind at the end of the day! Crochet is seeing a true resurgence of late; with many people learning to crochet alongside more traditional knitting. While some argue that patterns are simpler now than they were (after all society moves along a faster pace than the 19th century), there are many groups in many cities around the world who honour the art of crochet and invest many months to create a complex piece from scratch. The options of things you can create with crochet are endless. You can craft pillows, blankets, hats, homewares, gifts and baby clothes. There is a mixture of complex patterns and the more simple patterns ideal for beginners.

It is truly versatile textile and pieces feel cosy and instilled with love and care due to the history of this textile creation. Crochet pieces are great for adding that special finishing touch to a space, whether it be in your child’s bedroom or living room. There may be nothing more comforting than curling up during the cooler months of Melbourne, tucked in warm and snug with a crocheted blanket and a warm cup of tea or glass of red! If you can’t tell, we are quite a fan of crochet becoming more popular! Always a fan of a highly skilled textile creation, we have sourced these gorgeous blankets for Mikki & Me, just in time for winter.

The crochet blankets we offer are super soft, hand crochet 100cm x 100cm blanket. They make a great gift for those friends with a newborn and adds a gorgeous, inviting feel to a child’s bedroom décor. Made from 60% cotton, 30% azlon (milk fibre) and 10% cashmere, the Ripple Blanket from Mikki & Me Baby Boutique are soft to the touch and super cosy.

We have lots to choose from, including the Rainbow Ripple Blanket, a hand crochet blanket in fun, bright rainbow colours sure to brighten the dreariest of winter days! If you are looking for something a little more muted? We have the Black and White Ripple Blanket and the Blujay Ripple Blanket too. It is pretty hard to narrow down which ones we should offer online, so we got them all! You can see the full range of crochet goodies here. They have been really popular as gifts for those friends with newborns, but also make a lovely addition to your child’s bedroom too.  

It is amazing to think of an art which started hundreds of years ago is still in our lives today. What is your history with crochet? Can you crochet? Share with us below in the comments, we’d love to hear from you. 

Stay warm and cosy,

Mikki & Me Team xx




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