So this morning when my 5 year old daughter woke up, within minutes, she exclaimed she was bored. To which I replied;

"What do you mean, bored?"

Her response; "Well, I have nothing to do!"

I looked around me at our lounge room that has been "transformed" into what looks like a play centre/toy shop!


All those toys! When I was a little girl (here we go...) we didn't have phones full of apps/games, tablets or tv channels committed to kids programs. We had to find our own fun and be creative, use our imagination to initiate our own amusement.

This shaped my inner creativity and my fondest memories growing up!

"Making perfume" using flowers from the garden

"Making an outdoor kitchen" using sticks and pebbles, then "cooking" a meal and serving it up to my parents. I was so proud of my creations and "meals".

My brother and I would play cricket with a stick and a pine cone! For hours! It was so fun and I remember it like it was yesterday!

PLEASE, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all kids have lost this way of entertaining themselves but I do put my hand up and say I need to encourage my children to find their own fun. Not always be reliant on digital devices.

So today I have imposed a tech free day! Let them play outside and use their imagination. Let them be bored for heaven's sake! That's when the greatest of creative play comes to life and where lifetime memories are made!

Leave a comment below about your fondest childhood memories, we would love to hear them!

Signing out now to join my kids and watch them make memories.




Tanya said:

Couldnt agree more!

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