It's finally December! My favourite month of the year is here, and for families around the world, it's time to welcome back that mischievous little visitor known as the Elf on the Shelf. This beloved tradition has captured the hearts of children and parents alike, but let's face it, finding the time to come up with creative Elf on the Shelf ideas can be challenging, especially for busy parents. That's why we've compiled a list of 50 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas that will bring joy and excitement to your home without adding extra stress to your already hectic holiday schedule.

  1. Elf's Arrival: The excitement begins with the elf's grand entrance. Have your elf leave a thank-you note for good behavior on the first day.

  2. Christmas Tree Hideout: Let your elf hide in the Christmas tree, peeking out to surprise the kids.

  3. Marshmallow Snowman: Arrange marshmallows into a snowman shape and have your elf sit nearby with a note about building a snowman.

  4. Tissue Box Nap: Your elf can take a nap inside a tissue box for a cozy hideout.

  5. Story Time: Place your elf near a stack of Christmas books as if they've been reading during the night.

  6. Toothpaste Message: Elf can write a message on the bathroom mirror using toothpaste. Easy cleanup with a swipe of a towel!

  7. Candy Cane Zip Line: Create a thrilling "zip line" with a string and a candy cane for your elf to ride on.

  8. Bubble Bath Bliss: Elf can relax in a bowl of mini marshmallows, pretending it's a bubble bath.

  9. Gift Wrapper Elf: Have your elf wrap a small gift for the kids to find.

  10. Hide and Seek Elf: Set up a game of hide and seek with other toys in the house.

  11. Tea Party Host: Your elf can host a tea party with stuffed animals and tiny teacups.

  12. Flour Snow Angel: Create a "snow" angel by sprinkling flour on a table and having your elf lay in it.

  13. Ceiling Fan Swing: Elf can hang from a ceiling fan by a string for an adventurous stunt.

  14. Powdered Sugar Message: Write a message on the kitchen counter using powdered sugar.

  15. Doll Dress-Up: Have your elf dress up in doll clothes for some fashion fun.

  16. Cereal Box Fort: Elf can construct a mini fort out of cereal boxes.

  17. Toy Car Joyride: Let your elf go on a thrilling ride using a toy car or train.

  18. Curtain Rod Swing: Have your elf swing from the curtain rods for a daring escapade.

  19. Fridge Expedition: Elf hides in the fridge with a note about finding a chilly spot.

  20. Marshmallow Roasting: Elf can roast marshmallows over a candle (supervise this one closely).

  21. Tic-Tac-Toe Champ: Set up a tic-tac-toe game with mini marshmallows, and let your elf make the first move.

  22. Backpack Wrapper: Surprise the kids by having your elf wrap their backpacks for school.

  23. Toilet Paper Snowflake: Create a beautiful snowflake out of toilet paper in the bathroom.

  24. Lego Architect: Elf can build an impressive Lego structure overnight.

  25. Sock Drawer Hideout: Your elf can take a break by hiding in a sock drawer.

  26. Elfie Selfie: Elf can take a "selfie" with a toy phone.

  27. Movie Night Elf: Set up a mini movie night for your elf with popcorn and a tiny TV.

  28. Santa Impersonation: Dress your elf as Santa Claus for a festive surprise.

  29. Banana Message: Write a cute message on a banana with a marker for a healthy touch.

  30. Goldfish Fishing: Create a "fishing" scene in the sink with goldfish crackers.

  31. Yoga Session: Elf can strike a pose with mini yoga equipment or exercise gear.

  32. Dinosaur Rider: Let your elf go on an adventure by riding a toy dinosaur or a stuffed animal.

  33. Snowball Fight: Create a miniature snowball fight scene using cotton balls.

  34. Hot Cocoa Stand: Elf can set up a mini hot cocoa stand for a sweet treat.

  35. Alphabet Cereal Message: Write a secret message in alphabet cereal.

  36. Flour Footprints: Create a trail of elf-sized footprints with flour.

  37. Candy Trail: Elf can leave a trail of wrapped candies leading to a surprise.

  38. Doorknob Hangout: Your elf can hang from a doorknob with a tiny sign.

  39. Toy Soldier Battle: Set up a toy soldier "battle" with your elf as the commander.

  40. Obstacle Course: Create a mini obstacle course with household items.

  41. Clean-Up Reminder: Elf leaves a note reminding the kids to clean up their toys.

  42. Scavenger Hunt: Set up a scavenger hunt with clues leading to small treats.

  43. Flour Snow Angel Redux: Elf can make another "snow" angel, this time in powdered sugar.

  44. String Art Masterpiece: Create a beautiful string art design.

  45. Rocket Ship Rider: Let your elf take a ride on a toy rocket ship.

  46. Zip Line Adventure: Set up a thrilling zip line adventure between two chairs.

  47. Backpack Wrapper (Again): Your elf can wrap the kids' backpacks once more.

  48. Fridge Magnet Message: Write a message using alphabet magnets on the fridge.

  49. Photo Face Art: Elf can draw a funny face on a family photo for a laugh.

  50. Dance Party Host: Host a mini dance party for your elf with other toys as guests.

With these 50 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas, you can create magical moments for your children during the holiday season without adding extra stress to your busy life. Let your elf's creativity shine as they embark on exciting adventures and bring joy and wonder to your home. Merry Christmas and happy Elf on the Shelf-ing!

December 01, 2023 — Michelle Leach

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