Fidget toys are the must-have craze that school-aged children love to have, and will spend hours enjoying. If your kids don't already have some of these rainbow coloured silicone pops, they are likely to start begging you for some soon. These are no longer just being used in the classroom, or within the home for those living with ADD or Autism. 

These are fast becoming part of everyday play, and are often used as anxiety busters for kids and adults. As a tool for staying peaceful and focused, this is a critical resource for all ages – especially for those experiencing anxiety or various challenges.

How Fidget Toys Help Your Child

Do you remember fighting over the bubble wrap when you were younger (or older, too, perhaps)? It was fun to press on every bubble, but once they were popped, they were done.

A few years ago, these pop trays started to gain popularity and quickly became a craze. Our range is made out of non-toxic silicone. In a sense, they’re like reusable bubble wrap. They’re easy to clean, affordable and come in a range of fun shapes, sizes and colours - helping us regain focus when stressed.

With these fun gadgets, it may seem as though their demand has been influenced by TikTok and YouTube. However, many people are unaware that they’re also an excellent source of self-regulation for those who experience anxiety or live with additional needs.

For some school-agers, their learning can be enhanced by being able to soothe and redirect their movement. You will notice the constant tap of their feet when they are anxious, and how they are disruptive to others or find it hard to sit still. With the introduction of a range of sensory items, these silicone trays have a calming effect that helps with staying focused and actively listening.

Colourful and Loads of Fun

With numberous developmental, sensory and calming benefits, these pop it toys are fun to play with at home, on a long plane or car ride, or at an event that may be hard to sit still at. 

You simply press the bubbles in and out, whether in the shape of a heart, circle or hexagon. They’re available in mixtures of blues and greens, purples and blues and rainbow sensations.

While it may seem like this is just the next craze, it is another form of play for kids, which is really important. These creative, portable items are suitable for any age, giving kids the freedom to explore longer. 

At Mikki & Me, we have various sensory experiences that stimulate learning and growth while remaining fun. We have something for every kid – from the rainbow delights of magnet tiles, plasticine, and sensory fidgets, to a range of all kinds of playthings.

These are full of possibilities and can help your little one or school-ager find calm and peace in their day, while unlocking their imagination at the same time.

April 24, 2021 — Digital Eagles

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