Deciding to leave the house with kids in tow is never easy. Whether you are going to the shops for bread and milk, a doctor’s appointment or a play date at a friends house it can take planning of military precision to make sure that nothing important is left behind and that you are ready for any situation that life throws at you….

It’s no surprise that when we decide that a family holiday further abroad is called for, that the list of stuff needed to keep the kids placated grows at an alarming rate…

Kids get bored easily. My kids are usually happy for 5 minutes and then it begins….

’Are we there yet?’

‘Mum, I’m bored!’

‘Timmy is touching my part of the seat!’

‘She looked at me!’

‘I’m hungry/thirsty….again…’

But it doesn’t have to be that way!! With these 5 essentials in your travelling arsenal, your child will be content, your sanity will be preserved and your family vacay pictures should show smiles all round!!

Packing For Kids Requires Military Precision...

#1: Snacks….LOTS of Snacks!!

Food is a necessary when travelling with kids! With tummy’s much smaller than ours, they are always going to eat more frequently than we do, so lots of healthy snacks are ideal.

But what to carry them around in!?

YUMBOX are perfect if you want to pack yohgurt or dips for the kids to snack on – along with other foods. They have leakproof, individual compartments so you can pack a range of finger foods to keep a variety of foods fresh on the go

SKIP HOP INSULATED FOOD TUBS are great for bringing a warm lunch in cold weather. You can keep soups, stews, pastas and more warm and they come with their own fork attached so you can eat whenever and wherever hunger strikes. And they come in a super cute range of designs too!

BOON TRUNK & CARGO SNACK BOXES have their very own handle so your child can carry their snacks around with them! Plus they are full of compartments so you don’t have to worry about those cheese cubes touching the strawberries!


#2: A drink bottle

If they aren’t hungry, they’re thirsty…

Get them a cute water bottle of their very own and all of a sudden water tastes SO much better!!

The ‘Forget Me Not’ range of flip top, straw drink bottles have a handy Velcro strap that you can attach to a bag or pram, plus a 2nd spare straw just in case!

If you are worried about drinks staying cold, we have a range of personalised, insulated drink bottle holders that will stop your kids drink bottles going missing, and keep them colder for longer!


#3 A special friend….

Everything is better when you share it with a friend!

New places, strange beds, and long car drives aren’t so bad when you have your very own teddy to cuddle. A personalised cubby or teddy bear could be just the reassurance they need to get through the night!


#4 A snuggly blanket!

Just like a teddy, being wrapped in a warm, comforting blanket can make everything seem better!

Our Ripple design blankets are fair trade and handmade with love, and are ideal for rugging up at night or on a long car drive. If you little one isn’t quite up to size yet, our baby blankets  are perfect size for over the car seat or in the pram and will keep them rugged up and snuggly without burying them in a giant wad of material!


#5 QUIET activities!

The keyword is quiet!!! If you’ve been stuck In the car or on a plane for hours with the kids, chances are 10 minutes peace and quiet will go a long way… So quiet activities that they can do on their own will be a lifesaver

Try our Felt Creations storyboards. Kids can use their imagination to create a wonderful world of fantasy. Once they are finished, they can simply start again!

Another timeless activitiy is drawing and colouring in. Our personalised pencil cases are large enough to hold those pencils, crayons, textas and more. Just throw in a cheap scrap book or colouring book and they will be amused for ages!


BONUS TIP!!! Get yourself a Car Organiser!

We have recently added some personalised car organisers to our website and they are PERFECT if you are planning on spending time with kids in the car!  Easily accessible from the back seat, the kids can keep all of their precious travel gear in one convenient location! Plus the large clear pocket fits an iPad (hello peace & quiet!) and it contains lots of compartments to keep all their gear in!

 Personalised Car Organiser

So now you know what we recommend to have on hand to keep the peace next time you are on holidays with the kids and to help them deal with the change in scenery as smoothly as possible… have you got anything that you would like to add?

Feel free to leave your comments below 

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