Australia’s Best Collection of Crafts and Sensory Toys

If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to help your kids ready, set, grow, our curated collection of family and kid-approved toys can help you get there.

With craft and sensory toys for all ages, learning from home and keeping your little ones engaged has never been easier. From paint sticks to coloured sand, cookie cutters and bath crayons, you can encourage your little ones’ creativity and development during playtime and beyond.

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Sensory Toys: Helping Them Ready, Set, Grow

If you’ve been interested in finding a fun way to keep your kids entertained while also helping to develop their learning, engagement and memory skills, consider choosing one of our interactive sensory toys. Tested by the Mikki and Me family before being offered to our dedicated community, every product in our exclusive range has passed our stamp of approval to be child-safe, durable and made with superior quality.

Not sure which items may suit the little one you’re looking for? Consider these following features when selecting a fun and helpful toy, craft or game:

  • Sensory toys are designed to engage the five senses: sight, taste, sound, touch and smell. Depending on the age of your little person, you may want to choose something that suits their ability level, such as easy to grab and hold paint sticks for smaller fingers and those learning to navigate paper and pencil for the first time. Building blocks and connecting sets can be great choices for older children who are at less risk of swallowing small parts.
  • If your little person has been engaging in lots of screen-time while on the go or learning from home, consider investing in a pair of child-friendly blue light glasses. Some families find that the reduced brightness helps their child ‘turn off’ faster once they disconnect from the screen.
  • If the child you’re shopping for likes to be hands-on, consider plasticine and other malleable items that can help them create, chop down and begin again. Great for older children or smaller people in the presence of an adult, experiential learning is showing some great stats for kids and adults alike who prefer to learn by doing.

If you’re still deciding which piece might be the perfect gift for your child, check out our blog – where we highlight some of our favourite sensory toys, and recommend great buys for kids of all ages and abilities.