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Kids Reusable Smoothie Cups: Go Green

If you want to get your kids going green right from the very beginning, consider investing in a reusable smoothie cup to start the habit young.

Made with quality ingredients that will keep their drinks plastic and BPA free, each of our reusable cups has been checked and tested for safe manufacturing, drinking and product standards. Instead of treating your little one to a take-away in a non-reusable cup now and then, consider bringing their own dedicated cup along for the ride.

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Smoothie Cups for Kids

With over a dozen fun colours, styles and sizes, starting your kids off to a green start with a Mikki and Me reusable cup is always a good idea. From juice to baby cappuccinos and smoothies on the go, our child-safe features will make sure they stay safe, well hydrated and environmentally conscious for life.

Some of the key features to look out for include:

  • For both warm and cold drinks, make sure your cups are BPA free. A man-made chemical found in some plastics, BPA can be found in traces of food when stored in the wrong container.
  • To help keep drinks cold, invest in a stainless steel container for great temperature control and durability.
  • Look for cups that are washing-machine-friendly both in plastics (see: BPA free) and parts.
  • Are its parts child-safe? Depending on your child’s age, consider secure lock features and the safety of small parts that will cater to your child’s ability and needs.
  • Knowing that you want to set your kids up for success right from the get-go, having their cup readily available to grab and go whenever they need is the best way to start a new habit.

If you’re looking for a great recommendation for a child-safe reusable travel cup, feel free to speak with our team about which coffee or smoothie cup will best suit your needs.