First & Last Day of School Chalkboards

Looking to remember your littlest one’s most special moments? Our Kids collection offers the Instagram-worthy first and last day of school chalkboards so you never forget their first day away from home.

Flexible to suit each and every milestone, make a chalkboard celebration a photogenic occasion that can be passed down from generation to generation. With each memory captured by photo or video, mark the occasion and development of your child from the first to last day of school each year and watch how they grow.

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Make the Day One to Remember with Our Chalkboards

If you’re looking for a fun gift for mum, dad and the kids, a celebration chalkboard can help each family mark the milestones that are most important to them.

From birthday parties to the holidays, first and last days of school, and new family member additions, memory boards are a fun and creative way to capture each child over time.

A go-to gift for little people around the globe, our team can ship worldwide. Even when you’re far apart, photo memories can help you feel close together.

Australia’s Boutique Kids’ Store

We’re proud supporters of kids and children around the globe. Founded in 2010 by an Australian mum searching for the highest quality, durable items for her kids, Mikki & Me have grown into a family-oriented business that strives to bring smiles into every home.

Understanding the importance of safe, high quality and durable toys, school supplies, celebration gifts and more, each of our collection items have been tested by our team before being offered to our community.

Knowing that little ones of all ages appreciate accessibility and independence, our unique collection of kids’ gifts caters to all ages and abilities. Ready to find the perfect solution for your family, our friendly team can help make your shopping experience seamless to make sure to find the right items that can help your child ready, set, grow.