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Get Ready to Save with Kids’ Money Boxes

Want to help your little ones ready, set, grow? Instilling great saving and financial values from a young age can foster an appreciation for dollars and coins no matter how small.

Our collection of money boxes and safes are the perfect gift for young people and families looking to instill the value of a dollar. We think you’re smart to want to set them up for success!

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With shipping Australia wide and items tested by our own families to ensure safety, quality and high durability, each item has been selected to be kid-safe and fun.

Interested in finding the perfect gift for your little one? Check out our blog to read through the reviews of some of our favourite products and how to pick the right piece for your child.

Ready, Set, Grow: Raising Kids with Smart Money Boxes

No matter how forward-thinking our world becomes, instilling the value of currency and how to save a dollar is a life skill to teach your child, regardless of their age. From household chores to birthday fun, having a safe place to keep their collected dollars and coins can help instill habits from a young age and build confidence in their ability to save for something special.

Carefully selected from brands we stand by, every design in our collection is from creators we have come to know and love. As with our own families, we only offer products that can pass the test, and have been designed for long-lasting wear and tear.

An investment item that can grow with your child regardless of their age, a money box can be a special memory piece that stands the test of time.

Australia’s Speciality Store for Child-Friendly Gifts

We’re proud supporters of kids and children around the globe. Founded in 2010 by an Australian mum searching for the highest quality items for her kids, we understand the importance of safe, durable toys, school supplies and educational gifts. Thanks to this, each of our collection items have been tested by our team before being offered to our community.