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All your tiny humans need are the softest, most cuddly companions to hold close during the scary thunderstorms, talk to when they need a friend, and a snuggle partner at bedtime to keep those monsters away. At Mikki & Me, we have a selection of adorable plushies for babies and toddlers that are thoughtfully chosen to suit every little munchkin. You can also personalise each and every  Cubbie with your very own message, and commemorate those special moments in life. 

These are sure to become your little one’s best friends and confidants when they are feeling tired or insecure. Children will share their fears, secrets and joys with these constant companions and receive warmth, reassurance and security in return. Having plush toys also promotes imaginative play and enhances your child’s social skills.

Extensive collection of soft toys for kids of all ages

Dolls and bunnies are a pure delight for children of all ages. Our beautifully crafted and impeccably designed products are an excellent addition to your home, and make the lives of the tiniest members of your family more enjoyable and colourful.

These aren’t just there to make your nursery look pretty. They’ll quickly become a part of your little one’s everyday routine – while expanding their imaginative horizons and prompt learning about relationships and the world around them. They’ll be planning their own little adventures in no time.

Check out our wonderful reindeer, a perfect gift for Christmas. Sweet and petite, these are line cotton-bodied friends made with all-new poly fibre fill. Our Bashful Bunny range is the softest and fluffiest, making it a perfect comforter for all.

Find your tot’s new best friend today

Spike your little one’s interest in creative play with our newest range of dolls and stuffed toys, all made with the highest quality material to last for years to come and withstand the harshest treatment.

Whether you’re looking for a cuddly little baby doll or a plush snuggly bunny, we are your one-stop-shop to buy the most adorable plushies. These are so irresistibly cute and delightful, you’ll want one for yourself.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $120. Order now and have these beautiful little animals shipped right to your doorstep anywhere in the country.