Lunch Boxes for Fussy Kids 

Choosing lunch boxes for kids and especially fussy kids can really be a lot of hard work and test your patience to the end. There are loads of websites that can give you advice on what to put in school lunch boxes for kids that are picky eaters. But who tells you about the actual container that your fussy kid carries their lunch in – we do!

1. How do you carry that lunch box? 

Lunch boxes for kids should be easy to carry. Think about it, your little ones are going to grab that container out of their bag and be in a big hurry to get to the playground or eating area.

So you need to make sure the lunch box is easy for their little hands to grab and carry. We know that at Cheese and Pickles so all our kids lunch bags have handles, so your kids lunchbox can quickly and easily go wherever you child goes. 

2. Favourite colours and designs for your child’s school lunch box

Choosing lunch boxes for kids that are their favourite colour will help take a little of their fussiness away. Think about your child’s favourite colour, or favourite few colours, and choose a lunch container that includes one or some of those colours. Whether those favourite colours are blues and greens, or pinks and reds, check out a good range of coloured school lunch boxes.

 3. Make sure your child’s name is clearly seen

With so many lunch boxes for kids in and around classrooms and playgrounds, make sure the lunch container you choose has your child’s name clearly marked on it, and permanently marked. Big, bold names on lunch boxes will also help fussy kids to have greater ownership of their lunch container. Personalised kids lunch bags are a great way to quickly and easily show who owns a lunch container.

So don’t flip your lid shopping for lunch boxes for kids, especially fussy kids. Follow these tips to get a funky lunch container that your child will love. Remember a style with a handle, include a favourite colour, and make sure your child’s name is big and bold. Your child will think you’re a star mum for choosing a great lunch box, and your kid will look cool at school.

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June 26, 2018 — Liza Angerami

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