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Replay Bowls
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Kids’ Dinner Sets – Plates and Bowls

Are your little ones ready to take the next big step? Knowing that even the smallest hands are determined to do it themselves, our range of kids dinner sets, cutlery and accessories are hard-wearing, child-safe and ready to help your smallest family members eat up and grow.

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Every piece in our collection has been tested by our own families to ensure durability, quality and safety. From dishwasher friendly to microwave-safe pieces, our colourful sets and mix-and-match pieces are fun and a peace of mind for families.

Ready to help your little one join into family meals? Check out our range of kid-proof sets to see how even the smallest people can join in the fun.

Children’s Plates and Bowls: Family Collections for Australia

Catering to different ages, abilities, and meal types, our range includes products including BPA-free pieces, select dinnerware made from recycled plastic, microwave and dishwasher safe, and baby approved for safekeeping from sharp edges or small objects.

Even the pickiest eaters can find joy in our separated plates that make sure that snacks stay compartmentalised – perfect when introducing new, and sometimes scary, grown up foods.

Not sure which piece will help your little one grow? Our blog explores our wide range of dinner-friendly products to help you decide which forks, bowls and plates could be the best solution for your family. By letting your young person explore food with their own bowls, spoons, and forks, we hope that these carefully selected pieces bring some joy and a sense of calm back to your dinner table.

Founded in 2010 by an Australian family who appreciates the unique needs and taste of every child, our collection has been designed to fit into your family home in a fun, colourful and functional story. Let us help you get there by catering to all ages and abilities.