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Kiddikutter Kid Safe Knife
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Drink in the Box - Small 235ml (8oz)
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Welcome to our vibrant collection of lunchbox accessories, where every item is designed to turn ordinary lunches into delightful experiences for kids and adults alike! Our range of playful and practical products includes crinkle vegetable cutters, fun-shaped sandwich cutters, adorable mini sauce bottles, and eco-friendly reusable juice boxes, each promising to add a dash of joy and creativity to your daily meal prep.

Crinkle Vegetable Cutters: Transform veggies into eye-catching crinkled shapes that kids will love! Our crinkle cutters are not only fun to use but also encourage healthy eating habits by making vegetables more appealing. They're perfect for adding a decorative touch to salads, snacks, and side dishes.

Sandwich Cutters: Say goodbye to boring sandwiches! Our sandwich cutters come in a variety of cute shapes and themes, turning an ordinary sandwich into an exciting lunchtime surprise. These easy-to-use cutters not only make eating fun but also minimize crust waste, ensuring a wholesome meal.

Mini Sauce Bottles: Add flavor to every bite with our charming mini sauce bottles. They're just the right size for lunchboxes, making it easy to pack your favorite dips and dressings without mess or leakage. Their adorable designs are sure to bring smiles at mealtime.

Reusable Juice Boxes: Sip sustainably with our reusable juice boxes. Designed to be eco-friendly and kid-friendly, these boxes are a great alternative to disposable juice packs. They come in various playful designs and are perfect for packing your favorite beverages, contributing to a greener planet.

Explore our collection and discover the joy of creative, fun-filled lunches. These accessories are not just tools; they're a way to express love and care in every lunchbox you prepare. Happy lunch-making!