Join me as I sit down with the dynamic duo, Sheridan and Bree, from Tidy Space Tidy Mind. We dive into their expertise in crafting serene, organised homes that not only look great but also enhance calmness and productivity. For busy mums juggling life's chaos, they share invaluable strategies to declutter both your space and mind.

We have not always been this organised!! But 5 years ago when our first babies came along and welcomed us to the reality of mum life, we soon realised we needed to be if we wanted to have any sort of plan to our day! We both slowly implemented small things that would give us more routine, structure (& control) in our everyday lives.

We know so many mums are feeling exactly the same and our biggest passion is to help these women get organised in their homes and day-to-day lives. Being organised allows you to be more productive, less stressed and not only gives you balance in spending more time with your family but also five minutes to yourself. Hopefully these tips might help you feel a little less chaotic and a little more on top of your s**t!

Weekly Planning
Spend 30 minutes every Sunday planning your meals out for the week ahead. We love (and highly recommend) a click and collect food shop; it saves so much time and is a great way to keep track of what you are spending on food shopping.

Have a shared calendar with your partner! This is a great way to keep on top of what’s on for that week, who needs to be where and when without leaving you feeling flustered or overwhelmed.

Write Lists

Write everything down! We love a list that can help keep you on track - meal plan, shopping list, cleaning list, budget/spending, weekly and daily to-do list, goals, gifts that need to be purchased. Ticking things off as you go is oh-so satisfying.

Wake up before the kids

Make time for YOU every day. Get up early and yes, that means before the kids - do that yoga session, have a hot shower or read a book with a hot coffee; anything that is going to make you feel good and set you up for the day. Having time before the kids wake up allows you to get yourself dressed and ready without the added stress, pack lunch boxes, make your bed. Find a routine that works for you!

Ten Minute Tasks
Every evening complete one or more ten-minute tasks. Put a load of washing on, unstack/stack the dishwasher, organise lunch boxes, clean the kitchen, reset the toys etc. Getting the kids clothes out or having backpacks by the door is also a great way to be one step ahead in the morning.

Tip: Set a ten-minute timer if you need to; your future self will love you for it and not only will you instantly feel better but you’ll wake up the next morning feeling less overwhelmed!

Clean Regularly

Do a load of washing most days, don’t leave it until the weekend. Did you know most washing machines have a ‘delay start’ feature? Set it up to finish early in the morning, and hang it out straight away. Vacuum the house after dinner, wipe the benches down, clean the shower while you are in it. Completing these small cleaning tasks throughout the week will make you feel lighter at the end of every day and have less to do come the weekend.

Create zones & homes for everything

Getting your home organised will make everything else in your life flow.

Your home can influence your thoughts, energy and motivation. So maybe you feel stressed, don’t quite know where to start or have difficulty letting go?
It can be overwhelming, so we highly recommend choosing one room or space to begin with (the kitchen is always a great one) and doing one drawer or cupboard at a time. To get started:

  1. Empty the space and give it a clean
  2. Declutter - Make piles (keep, sell, throw away & donate)
  3. Be honest with yourself about what you truly need to keep. Some general rules - Do you use it? Have you got duplicates? Have you worn it in the last 6-12 months? Is it serving a purpose?
  4. Once the hard work is done & your home is in order moving forward use the one in, one out rule. When you purchase a new item, you need to get rid of something else in your home to make room for it. This is such an effective way of keeping your home decluttered.

Have fun in the process, we promise you will feel a thousand times lighter at the end.

If you live in Melbourne, and all you want for Christmas is Tidy Space Tidy Mind in your home, bookings are filling fast for January 2024. 


November 08, 2023 — Michelle Leach

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